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Getting started with a
  Digital Twin



             Desktop Computer or Laptop– Click the link and allow the page to load. If you opted for a Guided  Tour, use your mouse to click the “play” button in the bottom left corner of the screen.  You can pause the Guided Tour at any time by pressing the space bar. To move through the space, use your arrow keys. Click & drag the mouse to explore the 3D space. (look up or down) Click on the dollhouse icon in the bottom right of the screen to view the entire space at once.



On a phone, tablet or touchscreen– Once the page loads, Tap on the screen where you want to go. Drag your finger across the screen to look up, down, left right. Press the play button for the Guided Tour (if available) Tap the dollhouse icon in the bottom right to view the entire space at once.



Mirrors and Windows–The purpose of the 3D Showcase is to make the client feel like they are standing inside the property. If you are standing in a bathroom, you would see yourself in the mirror. We get creative to try to keep the camera out of any reflections, but sometimes it's impossible. Reflections in mirrors or windows can be blurred but not completely edited out. If you are looking out of a window, think about the weather and view outside, do you want bluebird skies or clouds, or snow? Also how much sunshine is streaming in at certain times of day?  This needs to be addressed when we schedule the shoot.


Staging the Property-Please remember that staging a property for a 3D Showcase is more intensive than for a standard photo shoot. The Matterport camera scans every corner of every room. There is no way to crop out or change angles to remove trash cans, toilet brushes, personal items or cleaning supplies. These items have to be completely out of sight. Closets are great hiding spaces as I usually don’t scan these. Remember the less clutter the better. Please take an extra few minutes to double check each space before the shoot.


                                                                            Thank you!!

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